Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Speech by Chris Durban: From frugality to prosperity

Chris Durban FITI, co-author of "The Prosperous Translator", delivered a thought-provoking, much anticipated and entertaining presentation on "Budgets and you" at the ITI Conference in Newcastle-upon-Tyne last month.

Here is another one of her must-watch speeches, which I happened to find on YouTube the other week. It was published following the PEEMPIP event "Shaping our common future" in Athens in October 2014. Enjoy!

Chris Durban:

"In translation there is not one market; there are hundreds of market segments."

"The demand for high-end, truly specialised translators is on the rise."

"Our profession is certainly one of the best in the world."

"It's not easy to be a translator; it's a hard job. You have to be pushing yourself all the time to do it well."

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